Book - Alex the Brave

Alex the Brave

By Amie Lockwood

Spend the day at Alex’s house, where the group go on an exploring adventure in the back garden… but will they be brave enough to peek at the unknown creature at the bottom of the garden? 

About this book

Alex the Brave starts with Alex, an inquisitive child with red hair and the courage of a lion. Along the way, we meet her friends, their parents and the people in their lives.

To a child, Alex the Brave is the first in a series of fun, entertaining stories. To an adult, they’re an important and easy way to entertain children without subjecting them to the stereotypes often found in children's literature. The world is diverse and so are our stories.

Themes covered

A cheeky, mischievous girl who loves to dig for worms. A Mum who runs her own business from home and works in a STEM industry. A Dad who is physically affectionate with his child and loves baking. A sensitive boy who knows that it’s ok to cry sometimes.
A young, sporty boy who uses a wheelchair. Adopted twin girls. A same-sex parenting unit.
A young boy who lives with his grandmother. A gay couple who have adopted children. Fathers acting as the primary caregiver.

About Amie Lockwood

Amie Lockwood

Amie Lockwood is the author of Alex the Brave, and the woman behind Lion Girl Publishing. After following campaigns such as Let Toys Be Toys & He for She, Amie wanted to create a book that wasn’t about stereotypes, but featured non-stereotypical characters and stories.

Outside of her work with Lion Girl Publishing, Amie runs a Learning & Development consultancy business called AND Training.

Thank you so much for our beautiful book - it was all we hoped it would be

Saydee Unsworth