"Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was rescued from her evil stepmother by a handsome man". If we asked you what story that was a summary of, there would be a lot of right answers. Too many in fact. 

There are an abundance of books that share that tale. Many others include fathers who go to work in a suit and tie and come home grumpy, stay at home mothers cleaning, girls who play with dolls and wear dresses and boys who get muddy and like cars. We’ve all read it before, time and time again. 

But when was the last time you read a children's story where:

  • the mother ran her own business
  • the father was the primary caregiver
  • there were children in wheelchairs 
  • there were multi-racial households
  • there were same-sex parents or single parents
  • a cheeky girl dug for worms
  • a nurturing boy loved nothing better than a cuddle

We are confident that it was a long time ago or perhaps never before, and that’s what we want to change with Lion Girl Publishing. 

To a child, our books will develop into a series of fun, entertaining stories. To an adult, they’re an important and easy way to entertain children without subjecting them to the stereotypes often found in children's literature. The world is diverse and so are our stories. 

Each book is beautifully illustrated and designed to be read in around 15 minutes, the perfect length for a bed-time story.

We love books, and we hope you will love ours.