A new publisher for a diverse audience

Lion Girl Publishing was born when its founder, Amie Lockwood heard a story about a young, black child who went into a high street book shop looking for inspiration for a character to dress up as for World Book Day. She looked through the shelves, and couldn't find a single character that looked like her.

Hearing this tale, and reflecting upon a lifetime of stories that focussed on women being portrayed as feeble and only worthwhile if they are beautiful, while men were pitched as strong, dominant rescuers, she wanted to bring something different to the children's book market. Amie wanted to write stories where a man could be sensitive, where a women could be cheeky, where children from different cultures were represented, where not every child lived in a two parent household, where a Mum could work and a Dad could hug and kiss his daughter. 

The goal of Lion Girl Publishing is simple, to produce beautiful children's books that tell an exciting tale, with characters and storylines that break traditional stereotypes.