Coming July 2016 - Alex the Brave

The Lion Girl Publishing team are really excited to announce the release of their first children's picture book - Alex the Brave

Coming in July 2016, Alex the Brave is the first book in a series from Lion Girl Publishing. We are currently awaiting delivery from our printers, and will soon have plenty of copies on sale. The first book was a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the priority is to get the book shipped to all Kickstarter backers first before making the book available for the public to purchase in July 2016. 

Alex the Brave tells the story of five-year old Alex and her group of friends and their exploring adventure. 

There are almost an unlimited amount of children books available online, from book stores, and libraries but an embarrassingly small amount seem to feature non-stereotypical imagery and characters. Here at Lion Girl Publishing, we aim to change that. The world is diverse and so are our stories.