Alex the Brave

Alex the Brave

Alex the Brave is the first book in a series of adventures from Lion Girl Publishing about Alex and her gaggle of friends. Spend the day at Alex’s house, where the group go on an exploring adventure in the back garden… but will they be brave enough to peek at the unknown creature at the bottom of the garden?

Alex the Brave starts with Alex, an inquisitive child with red hair and the courage of a lion. Along the way, we meet her friends, their parents and the people in their lives.

To a child, Alex the Brave is the first in a series of fun, entertaining stories. To an adult, they’re an important and easy way to entertain children without subjecting them to the stereotypes often found in children's literature. The world is diverse and so are our stories. 


Alex is the star of our first book.

The central character in the first story, Alex is clever, cheeky and rarely found without a plaster on her knee or mud in her hair. Alex is just as likely to be found with her head in a book as she is hanging out of a tree in the garden. With her trusty canine sidekick Gwen, Alex is ready for any adventure.

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The best friend of Alex, Jack is a sweet and affectionate boy who loves sports - especially basketball. Jack has a disability but it doesn't stop him from doing anything he sets his mind to.

Jack is rarely apart from Alex and they are always getting up to mischief together.

Ella & Grace

Ella & Grace are twin sisters, and great friends of Alex and Jack.

With bags of energy to spare, Ella & Grace are always tumbling, doing handstands, forward rolls and generally crashing around. They love playing tricks on adults and as they are identical twins, they often pretend to be each other.

Ella & Grace are in the same school class as Alex.


Who is this book for?

The story was initially written with the authors three year old nieces in mind, however as children develop at different rates, we don't believe in a target age. Alex the Brave is a picture book that uses simple and straightforward language, the story could be suitable for children from one to ten.

What themes are covered in this book?

Although not directly addressed, this book subtly features characters from varying backgrounds, race and abilities. Non-traditional family structures, adoption and disabilities are casually referenced in the book. The story tries hard to break gender stereotypes. It is important to remember that these are themes within the story, however they are not what the story is about.

How long does the book take to read?

Typically around 15 minutes although the characters really come to life in the mind of a child if the reader narrates with 'character voices', it is far more fun for the reader that way too.

Will there be any more books?

Absolutely, Alex the Brave is the first book in a series of books from Lion Girl Publishing. You can subscribe to our mailing list (enter your email address in the box below) to be alerted to new titles when they become available.